James Turner has been working as a freelance illustrator and art director for years and years, since even before there was Twitter.

Over the course of his career, including an earlier life in multimedia, he has worked for a wide array of clients, including The Wall Street Journal, Elle, WIRED Magazine, IBM, BASF, The Milken Institute Review, ING, TD Bank, In Character, Reader's Digest, The Chicago Tribune, The Globe and Mail, Popular Science, Red Herring Magazine, MacWorld, and dozens of other exceptional and remarkable publications he can't remember.

A picture of James Turner, illustrator

James enjoys cycling and cross country skiing, but has foresworn the latter as it always seemed to involve getting up before 6 am.

In 2005 he wrote and illustrated Nil: A Land Beyond Belief. He followed that up with a quarterly comic book about a butt-kicking librarian. Next was Warlord of Io, a sci-fi epic following a kid emperor who just wanted to be a rock star. He's high-concept all the way.

His new online comic is Hell Lost, about a counter-revolution in the Infernal Realm. Check it out here.

Humble and modest to a fault, James rarely waves about the awards he has won in front of guests to his home. He spends his time drinking coffee, loitering in art galleries and other public buildings, and writing wild and outlandish bios.