Rex Libris

Follow the story of Rex Libris, the tough-as-nails Head Librarian at Middleton Public Library, and his unending struggle against the forces of darkness. Wearing his distinctive, super-thick bottle glasses and armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons, he strikes fear into recalcitrant borrowers, and can take on virtually any foe, from loitering zombies to fleeing alien warlords who refuse to pay their late fees. Nowhere is beyond his reach, thanks to the use of teleportation crystals (powered with pseudo-science) capable of instantly transporting Rex to the farthest corners of the universe. Even the occasional infestation of rogue, public domain literary characters in the library are dispatched with aplomb. With fists of steel and mind as sharp as a tack, Rex is a true guardian of knowledge, foe of the foolish, defender of the Dewey Decimal System, and the best hope for the future of civilization.

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Published by SLG.