Former Infernal Knight of the First Order and natural killing machine, Balthazar was sent to prison for heretical thoughts associated with the appearance of a conscience. He's been freed to help take down his former mentor, Baal, and prove his loyalty to the Infernal Regime. An idealist, he enjoys killing for causes he believes in, escapist fiction, and a good latte.


Balthazar's recently acquired squire, who mysteriously has no actual background being one.

Lightbringer Nolous

The senior Lightbringer of the First Ledge, he works tirelessly to promote and defend Satanic Orthodoxy. His marriage is in trouble thanks to his pleasure seeking nature. Wants an invite to the legendary Parties of Asmodeus.


Rich son of parents who run an ashberry plantation on the lower plain. Within its high walls, Prapus led an isolated, sheltered existence, reading books smuggled from the surface and tending to his garden. Voltaire is his favourite author. Naive and overly trusting, for a demon.


Abandoned by his mother, Screeg grew up in the sewers of Dis, scavenging to survive. Dislikes all the care and attention lavished on The Damned, and is hell bent on rising up in the Infernal Hierarchy. Looks up to Satan for carving his own path, dislikes talkers like Belial, and isn’t into being all touchy-feely. Likes Suzie the Succubus.

Baal, Hammon Du Zebel

Once worshipped by the Phoenicians as a a false god, Baal is a powerful Prince of Hell and former mentor of Balthazar. His influence has recently increased thanks to the influx of gluttons, who have been overpopulating the ledge. Unfortunately this has drawn Satan’s envious eye. Fond of Japanese armour. Looks like a big bull dressed as a Samurai, but not in a cute way. Not to be confused with Beelzebub, The Lord of the Flies. It rains when Baal gets angry. Always hated Moloch for rocking the bull look.

Alecta Fury

One of the famed three Fury sisters, a trio of Erinyes mercenary assassin warriors, she has replaced Balthazar as Baal’s chief body guard and general. Loves industrial music and thinks flowers are for pansies. They are sometimes called the Infernal Goddesses of Vengeance, and for good reason. Often hired by angry Princes and Archdukes to kill dissidents, traitors, spies, unfaithful lovers, and rivals. Said not to be demons at all, but beings from Nyx and Chaos, outside the Gates. Their hair can turn into snakes. Secretly reads romance fiction, and enjoys Kung Fu movies.

Asmodeus Firecrabs, Archduke of Luxuria, Ruler of the First Ledge, Lord of Pleasure.

Once one of Satan’s most trusted Princes, he has fallen from favour after making grandiose promises he could not fulfill and having awesome parties but not inviting Satan and the other Archdukes. Likes a good tipple and mass orgy.


Balthazar’s dragon and trusted steed, he loves to play chase the ball, or head. Whatever is available. Loyal and strong but easily distracted by moving objects.

General Adross Scalesnotus Belius

Practical, and no-nonsense, General Adross does his best to get the job done in spite of all the insanity going on around him. Has no time for ideology, theology, or escapist fiction. Reads military history and eats the souls of the violent, which make him grumpy. Allergic to Ashberries.

Lord Watcher Nergal Molochi

A Commander in The Watchers, Guardians of the Revolution. Believes himself to be above the rules, and will do whatever is necessary to advance his own agenda. Nominally under the authority of Lightbringer Nolous.

Rakos Lucifer Droolbroth the Merciless

Leader of the Upper Lightbringers and Nolous' boss. Determined to stay that way. Likes eating the unbaptized.