Emperor Zing

Newly Crowned Emperor

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The new Emperor of Io, as well as an aspiring rock star and dedicated video gamer. Self-indulgent and unprepared for responsibility, he finds himself in over his head when his father retires to the famed Pleasure Domes of Zur and leaves him in charge. Things go very, very wrong from the get-go, and then spiral completely out of control.

Moxy Comet

Space Archeologist Specializing In Tiki Artifacts

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Zing's friend since childhood, Moxy has become a respected Archeologist at a very young age. Specializing in the history and artifacts of the Tiki Pirates, she recently discovered what may be their final resting place.


Professional Pygphibian Bodyguard

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Zing's personal bodyguard, Urk hails from the inhospitable Dread Steam Swamps of Io. Augmented by cybernetic parts in order to survive the harsh conditions, including an armoured shell, he's one of the deadliest being you'll ever meet, at least for one of such short stature.

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