Last Updated April 25th, 2009

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Q. What's this series about?

A. It's about a young alien aristocrat in 2853 A.D. who has responsiblity suddenly and unexpectedly thrust upon him when his father retires and leaves him in charge of a lunar empire. Things go seriously wrong on the first day and everything spirals out of control. There's rocketships, rayguns, aliens, and lots of fun and silliness. Or at least that was the intent.

Q. Why this story? Where did you get the idea from?

A. The story was transmitted to me via high frequency brainwaves a few years ago when I inadvertantly removed my tinfoil hat. To prevent my brain from exploding, I was compelled to tell the tale of the Warlord of Io as a warning to all mankind.

Q. A warning? Of what?

A. I don't know. Not to get in to independent comics?

Q. The look is unusual. Why is that?

A. I call the look Vector Deco. It's the only comic out there entirely created in a vector graphics program.

Q. Is this an ongoing series?

A. It will be a limited run series of perhaps 4 or 5 issues, depending.

Q. Depending on what?

A. On how carried away I get.

Q. Zing's pointy ears are like those of a certain famous Star Trek character. Did you rip them off?

A. No, dammit. The ears are ripped off from an obscure 1952 issue of Superlative Space Stories I thought no one would ever read. It has nothing to do with Mr. Spock.

Q. The series is set on Jupiter's moon of Io. Yet have not Earth's probes found Io to be not just uninhabited but uninhabitable?

A. Perhaps, like Barsoom, Io exists in a parallel universe, and orbits Sasoom, instead. Maybe there is some kind of transdimensional shifting going on. Or perhaps Jupiter emits more heat than we suspected, and the government of the United States is already in contact with Ion civilization, and there is a vast conspiracy to keep the truth from the public.

Q. Haven't people had enough of rocket ships and ray guns?

A. Maybe. I'm hoping not, as I intend to put the ray gun back in the rocket ship.

Q. If you were a tortoise, and there was a pink piano in front of you being played by a kangaroo, and an orange winebago behind you with a thousand dead flies piled on top of it, which way would you go and how long would it take to get there?

A. East. Four hours.

Q. How tall are you?

A. Over six feet.

Q. Have you been visited by the Men In Black since you revealed these transmissions to the world?

A. Curiously enough, yes, I have been visited by one man in black. Black suit, tie, glasses. Every year he comes, seemingly out of nowhere. It's always Spring, right around tax time. He's my accountant.

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