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"Rip-Your-Brain-Out-Of-Your-Head-Because-You-Won't-Need-It-Anymore-After-This Awesome!"

May 1st, 2009

A fabulous review is now up at CBR's Robot 6, where Michael May has this to say:

"Writers like Jeff Parker, Matt Fraction, Fred Van Lente, and Paul Tobin rightfully deserve to be at the top of the People Who Make Awesome list, but they get something of an advantage by being able to throw stuff like the Hulk or MODOK or Galactus into their stories. Not that it's an unfair advantage. These guys got to play with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's toys by first showing what they could do with the stuff in their own rooms. But right up there with them has to be James Turner.

"He may not have the exposure of those other guys, but he's no less Rip-Your-Brain-Out-Of-Your-Head-Because-You-Won't-Need-It-Anymore-After-This Awesome. If you've read Rex Libris, you know what I'm talking about, but baby he was just getting warmed up there. Warlord of Io and Other Stories has five stories in it and they're all fantastic."

This Michael May is obviously a genius. Read the rest of his words of wisdom here.

Review at Things I Like

April 28th, 2009

There's a review now up at Things I Like, which I must say I quite like:

"The book is full of the same weirdness Turner employed so well in Rex Libris. His Io is populated by 50 species, all of them angular and strangely rendered, in his usual style. The grays look a little washed out on this paper, but that effect seems to play quite well for this style of comic. I do hope that more of these are on the way."

Take a gander at the whole thing here.

Review at Comic Book Resources

April 28th, 2009

The great Greg Burgas has this to say:

"50 pages for 4 dollars, all packed to the gills with awesomeness! Not only is Turner's art stupendous, with his odd pop-art renderings and intricate detail, but his storytelling is brilliant as well. I'm not sure if this is just a one-shot, as two of the stories are unfinished, but even if it is, you should still pick it up. I mean, even if you're disappointed that we don't find out what happens to Zing, the new emperor of Io, or what happens to Demon Detective Muktooth and his quest to get tickets for the Hitler vs. Stalin Smackdown, just soaking in the glory of each page is good enough for now. Plus, there are three other short stories, including the adventures of an inanimate chair, which looks as boring as it sounds (32 panels of the same drawing of a chair), but is freakin' hilarious."

Take a look here.

You'll have to scroll down... and don't worry, there's more Warlord of Io on the way this summer!

Mini-Review at Living Between Wednesdays

April 28th, 2009

Wonderful comments from Jonathan:

"Oh, good show James Turner. You can always be counted on to write and illustrate something very strange and very wonderful, like the very odd Nil: a Land Beyond Belief or Rex Libris, a book that makes the part of me that loves working in libraries very happy indeed."

Take a look here.

You'll have to scroll down...

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